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The Vatican and the Nazi Era

Seventy years after World War II, there are still questions about the role of the Catholic church. The Vatican with the pontiff, at that time Pius XII, must be critically questioned.

Was the silence of Pius XII on the Nazi extermination of the Jews a fault? Did the church become complicit because it stood apart during the great hunting of the Jews in Europe?

Meanwhile, the German, Austrian, and even French bishops admitted guilt. They were ashamed of the failure of their own local churches and their complicity by omission.

The Vatican considers its role differently. To this day, one cannot find critical words on papal diplomacy against Nazi Germany. Failure or even complicity is strictly rejected. There is nothing to regret. On the contrary, Pius XII saved so many Jews like no one else, and he raised his voice against the extermination of the race by the Nazis. He was one of the Righteous Gentile of this world.
The open letter to Pope Francis on the 70th anniversary of the roundup of the Jews in Rome (October 16, 2013).

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70 years after the end of the Shoah it Is overdue that the Vatican confesses its guilt

by Klaus Kuehlwein

The Vatican still washes its hands in innocence. To regret, there is nothing – on the contrary. Pius XII is one of the “Righteous among the nations”. He has saved Jews like no one else and raised his voice against the mania for extermination by the Nazis. For the Vatican, it is clear: All attacks on the now venerable Pius XII are causeless and often only spiteful – mostly both.
 For many years, the caption for Pius XII in Yad Vashem has been a stumbling block for the Vatican. The first caption openly criticized the silence of the Pope concerning the extermination of the Jews.  The raid of the old-venerable Jewish community of Rome in October 1943 was especially mentioned. ...

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My publications about Pius XII and the Holocaust (german):

Articles, etc., see the "Publications" section.
Warum der Papst schwieg
Pius XII. und der Holocaust
Düsseldorf (Patmos-Verlag), 2008
246 S.

Besprechung in der FAZ:
v. Rainer Blasius, 29.01.2009   

Verlagsflyer: deutsch (pdf 94 KB) engl. (pdf 119 KB)
Pius XII. und die Judenrazzia in Rom
epubli Verlag, Berlin 2013, 2. aktualisierte u. erweiterte Aufl., (420 Seiten)

- Epilog: Papst Franziskus und der 16. Okt. 2013
- erweiterte Dokumententation
Die Liste Dannecker. Als der Holocaust zu
Pius XII. kam
Gek. u. bearb. TB-Ausgabe der Studie über die Judenrazzia.
epubli, Berlin 03/2014

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